Nathalie Rollet

Welcome to my Gallery. I am a fiber artist based in Mont-Tremblant (Quebec), Canada. I create textile collages - a number of smaller individual pieces of fabric are layered and sewn together onto one larger piece of fabric to give warmth and depth. I incorporate into my pieces various types of hand spun dyed wool and beads (glass, metal, wood, bone, ceramic and shell) from all over the world to create unique and colorful wall hangings. The beads and fabrics are secured with cotton, silk, wool and metallic threads.

Many of my early pieces were inspired from the quiet and simple life of yesterday - they are of farms, vineyards and lighthouses. My art then evolved to become increasingly influenced by the experiences and knowledge gained from my travels to wonderful lands in Asia and South America. These pieces are more abstract, colorful and energetic with lots of circles and some angles and flowing lines ... they have a spiritual undertone.

Each piece is unique and was a trip inward for me. I am dedicated to my art and my aim is to transcend a feeling of serenity through my work. I hope that you enjoy your tour and please feel free to contact me if you are so inclined.
Fiber Art